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Ring REVA100 EV AccessoryCable Ramp

Protect your charging cable from wear and tear or damage with the Ring Cable Ramp. Has two channels for running cables through and can be driven over without damaging the cables inside.
Ideal when more than one car uses a driveway or have to charge your cable out to a vehicle parked on the roadside. Also acts as an anti-trip device for pedestrians.

  • Solid tough construction that can withstand 2 tons of weight, protecting the cables inside
  • Hinged top panel allows easy access to run two cables through the ramp
  • Anti-slip top cover so pedestrians don’t fall or slip when walking over it
  • Interlocking design to create a chain or run to cover the full length of the cable being used
  • Bright yellow colour so other road users can see it clearly

Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
40 x 240 x 986
Weight (kg)
Ring REVA104

A bag that makes tidying away your cables easy, but also storing neatly in your car.
EV cables can weigh a lot so to have them tidied away rather than sloshing about in the boot is practical common sense.
All Ring EV cables come with a storage bag, but you may need a replacement or an extra one.

  • Robust construction to protect the cables inside
  • Suitable for charging cables upto 5M in length
  • Keeps the cables stored neatly in the car
  • Prevents dust and dirt from getting into the plug connection
  • Velcro strips on the back to fasten to interior wall of the car boot

Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
388 x 368 x 120
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