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Poly Tech 5W-30 is a premium motor oil that protects critical engine parts in vehicles operating under extreme conditions. The product is based on high-quality base oils combined with a highly advanced package of additives that includes special ‘OSP’ additives, among others. Poly Tech 5W-30 features the following properties:

  • Vastly improved cleaning properties
  • Outstanding shear stability thanks to the high VI of the base oils used
  • A very smooth cold start, even at extremely low temperatures, significantly reducing wear on starting
  • Delays the ageing process of the engine
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion
  • Improved oxidation stability
  • Reduces friction in the moving engine parts
  • Minimises oil consumption


Poly Tech 5W-30 is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines in cars and vans. By using special ‘OSP’ additives, Poly Tech 5W-30 is ideally suited for use in vehicles exposed to extreme conditions. This may include frequently crawling through heavy traffic, 'sporty' driving or regular cold starts.

Available in a  5L can.
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