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Q10 – Penatrating Oil - 300ml Aerosol

Any mechanical device containing fixings such as nuts and bolts that can be prone to the effects of rust and corrosion. These corrosive substances can cause seizures which often result in time consuming costly repairs and part replacements.

Q10 is a fast acting Sprayed on, penetrating rust solvent and release agent used for the removal of rusted or seized bolts nuts, mechanical fittings etc. As with all Q Oil aerosols it has the 360˚ valve to enable the can to be used upside down to stop just the gas coming out and the can being left with wasted product as theres no propellent left.

Q10 is a Quick acting oil that penetrates those components ensures smooth running machinery and also helps in the prevention of further corrosion and breakages. Q10 breaks down rust and removes grease, dust, dirt and sludge.

Suitable for use on gauges, instruments, locks, and power tools and can aid maintenance of plumbing and pipework fittings and much more.

Q10 is silicone free like its big brother Q20 Lubricant and is safe to use on paint work.


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