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The Ring RMIST1 Auto Expel Mist Machine and Santiser's unique formula will sanitise the entire vehicle cabin, including the air-conditioning system. Have peace of mind and eliminate germs, viruses, including COVID-19 as tested by our suppliers, and bacteria from the vehicle. As well as creating a safe clean environment for you and your customers, the mist will freshen the vehicle cabin, reducing stubborn odours.

Pick up to three different scents for the sanitiser:

Lemon Fresh
Showroom Fresh
Forest Cherry
  • Biocidal formula proven to kill Enveloped-Viruses such as Coronavirus and MRSA
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces including leather and cloth
  • Heats up the sanitising liquid and produces a fine dry mist. No wet residue left on the surfaces
  • Vehicle will be free from bacteria and viruses within 30 minutes
  • Run the mist machine for just five minutes and allow the dry mist to settle for 25 minutes
  • Can sanitise the vehicles air-conditioning system
  • Eliminates all foul odours
  • Leaves fresh scent in the vehicle
  • ROHS approved

The mist is also available as refills.
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